About Beaufort County

Beaufort County is located in Eastern North Carolina and has a population of nearly 50,000 citizens. Beaufort County offers residents all the benefits of coastal living in a relaxed rural atmosphere with an impressive quality of life. The County is divided in half by the beautiful Pamlico River, which is a mecca for all kinds of water activities including sailing, boating, fishing, canoeing and kayaking. The river also boasts a number of commercial fishing and crabbing operations that provide outstanding quality seafood at many local events and oyster roasts during the year. Take a drive to several of the waterfront communities including Washington, Bath, Belhaven and Aurora to sample a variety of restaurants and shops.

We've proven it for centuries

In 1705, Bath became the first incorporated town in North Carolina. It was selected by the English colonists for many of the same reasons people come to Beaufort County today: the agreeable climate; the vast expanse of oak and pine forests; and the miles and miles of waterfront - more of it than any other county in the state.

Beauty Everywhere

This waterfront is created as the freshwater Tar River flows into the brackish Pamlico, bisecting the county before emptying into the Pamlico Sound, the largest protected inland body of water on the East Coast. Not far away is the placid Pungo River. It is from these quiet, peaceful shores that some of North Carolina's most exciting waterfront communities have risen.

Enjoy Beaufort County

Tourism is a rapidly growing economic force in Beaufort County and the numerous waterfront communities have attracted a number of families who choose to live here but work in professional occupations in adjoining counties. It is difficult to calculate the economic impact of the recreational component of the economy because it is so disbursed throughout Beaufort County.

Great Fun in the Sun

An influx of retirees has also had a positive effect on the economy of Beaufort County. Many waterfront subdivisions have been created which are being marketed, at least in part, to retirees from out of state. Finally, recreation plays a major role in the economy of Beaufort County.

Beautiful Water for Miles

The broad rivers and numerous creeks that grace Beaufort County attract many boaters and other outdoor recreation enthusiasts throughout the year. Hunting and fishing are enormously popular and people literally drive here from hundreds of miles away to sail the placid waters of the Pamlico River.